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There’s only 2 reasons why you have not got the body or fitness levels you desire.


See anyone can lose a few pounds. How often have you shed half a stone only to see it pile back on weeks later? Funny thing about our bodies. They don’t like change. That’s why crazy fad diets and obsessive workout routines don’t work in the long run. The trick is finding a fitness and eating plan which is SUSTAINABLE. Something which becomes effortless to stick to and incorporate into your life as a permanent fixture.

And that is why personalised fitness training is so valuable.

It’s not to have someone standing over you, roaring like a sergeant major while you squeeze out one more pressup or burpee. It’s about getting a deep understanding of what is causing your bad habits and prescribing a lifestyle change which sustainable and will help you achieve you fitness goals PERMANENTLY. And it’s not just me who preaches this approach. My pals at Men’s Health think the same way.

So here’s what you can expect from our personal training programs.

1. Focused, personalised and stimulating workout routines which are both challenging AND sustainable. No hour long workouts or 6 day a week schedules

2. Eating plans which are both nutritious, easy to cook, work with a busy family life and still let you enjoy your mealtime. You don’t have to kill the flavour to kill the fat.

3. Discover why everything you have ever known or likely practiced to getting your body in shape is wrong.

4. Supportive, experienced and knowledgeable personal fitness trainer in your corner to ensure you stay on track and avoid common pitfalls such as over exercising or over fasting.

Here’s the results you can expect from completing one of our programs

  • Faster, longer lasting results with less stress, time in the gym or food sacrifice
  • Fat loss and muscle gain without calorie counting or gimmicks
  • Empowerment of finally taking control of your health and body
  • Confidence to continue living a more balanced healthier lifestyle
  • And just an all round sexier, leaner physique

What type of programs does Personal Trainer Waterford offer?

1. Beginners Kickstart

This is for you if you have never trained before or else have not trained in a very long time. Maybe you are completely out of shape and don’t know where to get started. You will get a full health assessment and plan for your lifestyle change. The program lasts 8 weeks and includes 2 x one to one sessions per week. When you have completed this program you will have undergone a complete lifestyle change where balanced diet and regular exercise activity will become the norm.

2. Complete Transformation

This is for you if you want to undergo a complete body transformation. To begin we will analyse what your target weight loss goal is and work backwards to plan a safe and sustainable progression to achieve your goal. This program lasts at least 16 weeks but may be longer depending on the client.

Image of belly fat

3. Maintenance mode

You know our philosophy is sustainability. So perhaps you have achieved your target weight loss. Now what? Well the most important thing is avoid slipping back into bad habits. This program gives you access to 2 x one to one sessions per month where the focus is on maintaining your new fit and healthy lifestyle. New exercises and eating plans will keep you on your toes.

4. Elite Athlete

Weight loss is one thing. Losing body fat and getting lean is another. If your goal is to get shredded and become an elite athlete this is the program for you. Detailed assessment of your progress is tracked and special crossfit style performance training ensures you are targeting areas which matter. This involves a weekly one to one session.

5. Semi Private Personal Trainingimage of personal trainer class

We offer more than just one to one training. Now you can get the same care and attention of a personal trainer without the one to one rates. These classes are limited to 4 people but you still have all the personalisation you would get from the one to one personal training programs.







“When the grandkids come over I am the first in the back garden with the football. I have never had so much energy. Thanks Ian and to everyone in PTW.”

Brian Dalton

When I think of all the things I was doing wrong, it’s no wonder I could make no progress. Ian put me on a slow and steady program where I now workout 3 times a week and enjoy every session. If I miss one I don’t feel guilty anymore…just look forward to the next workout.

Tommie Boyle

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“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it”

Jordan Belfort



I have heard all the excuses. Too fat, too old, too broke, too tired, too shy, too scared. And you know what they are all BS. Because every time I have ever had a client use excuses it always turned out to make no impact once they agreed they were BS. I want you to make changes, not make excuses! I want you to prioritise the most important thing in your life…YOUR HEALTH. I want you to be selfish! Because to be more selfless you first need to be more selfish. Focus on making you more healthy and you will automatically be able to give more of time, focus and energy to others. And I have made it super simple to start. You can book a free trial with me right here today!

Ready? Here’s how to start…