Body Attack

High insensity cardio workout. Move to the beat of the music and burn carolies every second. This is a fun and high energetic class where you won’t notice the time slipping by. Every muscle will get a thorough workout and you’ll feel amazing at the end. Suitable for all levels of fitness!

Core Vinyasa Yoga

Our in house yoga expert does 3 yoga sessions per week. These classes are perfect to do in between more active workout days. The focus is on stretching and rejuvenation of your muscles and energy levels. Every member should try this class at least once.

HITT Bootcamp

HIT (High Intensity Training) Bootcamp is our flagship class. It’s tough but rewarding and definitely gets results. Along with getting you fit, you will notice your body become more toned and scuplted even after a few sessions. Recovery time is kept to a minimum and you body will continue to burn calories long after you have finished the workout.

Strength & Conditioning

Resistance training is by far the most effective method for fat loss and muscle gain, effectively turning excess fat into muscle which in turn increases your metabolic rate. Our strength and conditioning classes teach you exact techniques and guide steadily through it step by step so you will never over lift or risk injury.

Komplette Kettlebells

Kettlebells (round cast-iron weights with handles)¬†allow you to get a complete workout without the complication of machines or free weights. Each muscle group is targeted and you also get a full cardio workout. Expect to burn 1000’s of calories in this class.

Semi Private Training

Our unique semi private program delivers all the benefits of personal one to one training in a small group setting. This is a very affordable option and you will train along side a small group of people who share a similar journey. Book a free consultation today and discover the benefits of our semi private training for yourself!