The most important part of weight loss…

Can you guess what it is?

Working out or nutrition?

Well, I can tell you nutrition is more important than working out. But neither of them are the MOST important. There’s a third element which without it, you will inevitably fail to reach and sustain your fitness goals. I will share it with you in just a second.

Most of you already know a huge amount about good nutrition and how to workout effectively. You surely know to cut out excess sugars, salts and carbs. And you probably already know that high intensity training is better than low intensity cardio. You don’t need a world class personal trainer to tell you that. But the question is if you already know these things why are you not using this knowledge.

The answer lies in the MOST important part of personal training and weight loss.

And that my dear reader is MINDSET.

See most people either skip or ignore the power of mindset and its impact on healthy living. And the fact of the matter is that without proper mindset it is virtually impossible to realise your fitness goals. If you don’t pay attention to mindset, you’ll quit at the earliest opportunity…or worse return to bad habits after you complete a program. It’s the mindset which dictates how you implement the working out and nutritional best practices.

So do you need to hire a mindset coach as well as a personal trainer.

Well that depends very much on the personal trainer.

A good empathetic personal trainer will also help you address issues over mindset and ensure you are set up for success right from the outset.

A good personal trainer will dig deep to find the reason why you are transforming your lifestyle and body and hold that “WHY” to the front of your mind until it’s a permanent fixture.

A good personal trainer will help eliminate limiting beliefs which so often hold you back from getting started and breaking habits (bad ones) of a lifetime to uncover the absolute best you.

All of our personal trainers are fully qualified and believe fully in the importance of mindset.

And before you start thinking this is wishy washy mind guru stuff.

Know this…

Using positive affirmations has been scientifically proven to make a bio chemical impact on your body. Meaning you can control the mind to feel better. And when you feel better you are more likely to stay focused and motivated to workout. And when you workout, you release feel good hormones which in turn make your mind more positive. Healthy body, healthy mind. Like a virtuous circle.

At Personal Trainer Waterford, we help you visualise your dream body. Help you paint that picture in your mind and feel it deep in your bones. When you do this you’ll begin to believe it 100% and it will be reinforced by your changing body shape. It will seep into your subconscious to the point where it no longer becomes a chore or a hassle to workout or eat healthier. It will be automatic, removing the need for any kind of will power whatsoever. It’s a transformation of the mind as well as the body.

So if you want to explore our revolutionary new approach which has a 96% success rate, then book your free personal training consultation here.