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Weight Loss Jargon

  Making Sense of Personal Trainer Jargon Fitness jargon isn't a language most of us pick up on intuitively. Instead, it is a complex language that can make following online exercises, or following the instructions of a personal trainer difficult. Fortunately,...
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The Most Important Element Of Weightloss

  The most important part of weight loss... Can you guess what it is? Working out or nutrition? Well, I can tell you nutrition is more important than working out. But neither of them are the MOST important. There's a third element which without it, you will...
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Using habits to get better fitness results

What if I told you that losing weight or getting fit has absolutely nothing to do with WILL POWER? You'd probably think I am talking crap. Doesn't it require ferocious will power to stay committed to the program and stay disciplined...all of which requires endless...
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