What makes our personal training unique?

1. Everything we do is about results and sustainability. We want you to achieve your goal fast and make it permanent.

2. We have the best trainers in all of Waterford. Each of our trainers are fully certified and have trained extensively to get the highest levels of PT qualifications. And more importantly they are able to turn all that knowledge into results for you.

3. All of our workouts have a progressive sliding scale so no matter what level of fitness you have, you will be able start and make safe and steady progress towards your goal.

4. Nutrition accounts for 80% of the results. So we dedicate much of our focus towards making sure you have the best eating plan for your lifestyle and goals.

5. We have one of the most active and supportive communities you will find anywhere. This will keep you accountable and on track.

6. Mindset. Often the main reason why people fail to realise their dream body shape or lifestyle is because of some limiting beliefs which either hold them back or make them quit. At our Waterford Personal Training studio, we focus on ensuring you approach your fitness with the right mindset for success!

7. Packages to suit every pocket. Some people want one to one personal training and that’s fine. Others may want to have one to one care, but can’t afford it. So we also provide “Semi-Private” training which gets you all of the benefits of personal training without the price tag.

Personal Training Packages!


2 sessions per week for 1 month. 

€ 40

per session


2 sessions per week for 3 months


per session



2 sessions per month


per session


1 session per week


per session


Unlimited Sessions

€ 20

per session